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Tiny models of classic Sega sit-down arcade games


Space Harrier. Super Hang-On. Out Run. Thunderblade. All are immortal hydraulic monsters released to arcades by Sega in the mid-1980s. And all are now tiny wee things that sit on your desk.

There's a secret fifth game, which is probably …

The Love Trainer: Better sex through Sega

A failure as a product, Sega is repackaging their Body Trainer / FiTrainer MP3 player and heart monitor as the "Love Trainer."

Inept as a lover? Wrap a strange cyborg headset around your ears while a GLaDOS-like gynoid voice leads …

New York Times: Al Qaeda trains bombers to use Genesis cartridges as detonators


According to a report about Gutanamo detainees over at New York Times, your next eBay bidding war for that used copy of Sonic and Knuckles might be with Al Qaeda:

One detainee is said to have been schooled in

Sega announces re-entry into hardware with the Vision


Inexplicable announcement of the day, sure to elicit a cranium-bursting WTF: Sega is getting back into the hardware game.

According to Register Hardware, Sega's new handheld will be called the Vision, and it will primarily be a PMP, with …

Peter Moore on the death of Dreamcast and the console wars


The Guardian's Keith Stuart has posted two parts of a fascinating and candid interview with Peter Moore: head of Sega of America during the Dreamcast years, head of Microsoft's Xbox division and current president of EA Sports.

The whole thing …

Sega Toys dreams of hamsters


Guaranteed not to grow giant tumors under their eyes and endure months of pain trapped in a child-administered prison little bigger than a shoebox (How I miss you, Fluffy), Sega Toys' Dream Hamster will cost $11 and last for years …

Ad-supported Sega Mobile games for download


Gamejump, a company that offers ad-supported games for many mobile phones, has added several titles from Sega to their line-up. If you can stomach the ads — and you have a data plan so you won't be charged every time …