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Amos bolts onto the back of the monitor

Via’s Amos 3000 is a fanless “palm size” computer, about half the dimensions of a Mac Mini, with a 500MHz CPU and VESA mounting tracks, meaning you can just screw it into the back of most monitors. Its Pico ITX … Continue reading

Puget sounds off with Echo, the first custom Nvidia Ion desktop

Boutique PC maker Puget Systems (Read: Deluge Mini review) is the first to offer Nvidia’s Ion platform as an option for custom desktops. Though they won’t challenge real video cards for performance, Ion’s wedding of netbook-class CPU with a bit … Continue reading

Make your own Intel Atom-based computer

Tranquil PC’s D945GCLF Mini-ITX motherboard comes with a baked-in 1.6GHz Intel Atom 230 CPU, a GMA 950 video chip and a single DDR2 RAM slot; on the downside is the lack of HDMI, PCI express and gigabit ethernet. At $103, … Continue reading

Dell’s Bamboo PC is tip of an iceberg of cool designs

Dell’s Bamboo-cased mini-PC is about the most beautiful thing the company–often derided as the dullest of PC manufacturers–has produced. Ostensibly an eco-friendly thing, this wooden machine’s real appeal is its simple, tasteful appearance. Of course, it will also be available … Continue reading