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Expanding shipping material protects PC components


I hate the prospect of selling an old gaming computer on eBay, not because of scammers, but because it'll get mistreated in delivery. This is clearly a Problem in general, because iBuyPower's using a fancy packing tech to ensure internal …

USPS insurance is fickle

Did you know that if you insure something through the United States Postal Service for a certain amount—say $3,000 to cover your five new laptops—and then they are lost or destroyed, the Postal Service retains the right to determine the …

Yo Ho Oh! DHL adds GPS to shipping containers


Shipping company DHL has started testing out GPS-trackable cargo containers, making it possible for customers to track the container in which their packages are commuting from anywhere in the world. Location data is just the start—the sensor packages from Savi …

Amazon forcing manufacturers into less frustrating, more efficient packaging

Amazon is launching a new campaign to make packaging less of a pain in the ass, specifically targeting hard plastic clamshells and tie wires. Items that are to be shipped by Amazon will get new packaging that's easier to open …

Spy Box, the lifecasting postal parcel


Inside an innocuous parcel sits a camera, peering out of a hole to snap images every ten seconds as it is shipped through the postal system. It's the "Spy Box", a project by UK artist Tim Knowles. The resulting 6,994 …

Taking hammers to unsold Canon cameras, lenses


There's a lot of purportedness in this photoset: is this pile of Canon cameras really worth half-a-million dollars? Were they really damaged during shipping, forcing the company to destroy them all before they hit the grey market? Was there really …

Selling wine in TetraPak containers


A wine importer is selling a Malbec grape wine called "Yellow + Blue" in TetraPak, a container familiar to many in the UK for its use in drink boxes. Dr. Vino took a look:

The facility in Toronto is also

Microsoft shipping review gear in re-usable shipping boxes. Bravo!


In fully a year of reviewing gadgets and other manly bits and bobs, Microsoft (via PR firm Edelman) is the first to send me something in a re-usable shipping box. And, clearly, it has been re-used, over and over and …

Dell Ships Padded CD Envelope in Giant Box


I've often gotten boxes from Amazon and other online vendors that were packed as wastefully as these CDs from Dell, as shown on the Technologist for Hire blog. I understand that DVDs can be fragile, but they're not that fragile, …

Amazon Box Robot Figure on Sale in Japan


Amazon Japan commissioned this custom toy (designed by the creator of one of my favorite anime* Azumanga Daioh!), designed to appear as if it were a golem brought to life from discarded shipping boxes. It's sort of brilliant, acknowledging …