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iSupply: iPod Shuffle's components costs only 28% of its retail price

From BusinessWeek's Arik Hesseldahl:

All told, the cost of the shuffle's components, the headphones, and the packaging it ships in comes to $21.77, according to iSuppli's estimates. That's about 28% of the device's retail price. The smaller the component

Is the Shuffle headphone Chip a MEMS microphone?


The tiny chip inside the new iPod Shuffle's headphone control module turned out to be for "transmission" rather than hardware authentication. Leaving it at that, however, ignores Apple's capacity for clever design. Perhaps it has a trick up its …

We found the chip inside the new iPod headphones...but is it DRM? (Update: It is not!)


Update: We have now confirmed with both headphone manufacturers and Apple that the control chip does not use an encrypted signal, but as part of the "Made for iPod" licensing program does incur an additional charge

iPod Shuffle gen 3 disassembled


iFixit takes the honors. Highlights: there is only one screw in the entire thing; it weighs 11 grams, only 2 more than the free headphones; and the battery is only 73 mAh.…

Beautiful skins for your iPod Shuffle


There's already a thriving market of attractive artist-conceived stickers to slap on your iPod. Gelaskins is probably the premiere repository, offering you the ability to turn your iPod or iPhone into anything from a beautiful woodcut of an Audrey Kawasaki …

Philips introduces new Shuffle-sized MP3 players with built-in display


Philips has just introduced its new line of Shuffle-sized MP3 players and I rather like them. With names like the SA2845, the SA2825, the SA2840 and the SA2820, the branding is execrable — the usual sluicing of random alphanumeric characters …

The Bevy: Bottle-Opening iPod Shuffle Keychain


This keychain-borne iPod Shuffle case, called "The Bevy" includes an integrated bottle open positioned just over the hole for the controls. You might thing it likely to scuff up your Shuffle just looking at it, but the Bevy doesn't actually …