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Review: An afternoon with Shuttle's Nano-powered XS29

Shuttle's XS29 barebone PC has a 1.6GHz processor, up to 4GB of RAM, gigabit ethernet, DVI, VGA and standard audio jacks, 6 USB ports and Via Chrome9 HC3 video. It's a Via Nano version of the X27, an otherwise identical…

Shuttle's X50 touchscreen all-in-one

Similar to the Asus model we just reviewed, Shuttle's X50 is another nettop all-in-one. It too has a touchscreen 15.6" display with a 1366x768 screen resolution, 1 GB of RAM and an Atom CPU from Intel. I has a 160GB…

Shuttle bringing touchscreen all-in-one, Core i7 shoebox to CES

Picture 2.jpg
Shuttle, purveyor of the shoebox-sized gaming PCs that can, announced its CES itinerary today. Here are the highlights:
• The first Intel Core i7 small form factor: Shuttle’s H7 5800 was first unveiled at Intel’s recent press event, and will

Christmassy decal for Shuttle shoeboxers

Picture 3.jpg
Attention KPC owners: Shuttle has another freebie faceplate decal, this time for Christmas.

Shuttle X2700 blasts off against Dell's Studio Hybrid, Mac Mini

Shuttle makes small computers, but the X2700 is its smallest. The thermodynamically-unlikely dream of a true gaming box in such proportions remains elusive–it has but a humble Intel GMX 950 graphics chip–but at just an inch fatter than the Mac…

The Shuttle-D10: a desktop with a built-in touchscreen

Crunchgear's Doug Aamoth is ambivalent about desktops with built-in touchscreens: he doesn't really see the point in PCs like the Shuttle D10. But I can't be the only one who sees a built-in touchscreen as incredibly convenient for a home…

New Shuttle mini-desktop to be only $189

Shuttle's latest miniature desktop computer is even more miniature than usual – and that goes for price, too. The X27 mini-PC is a little larger than genre mainstays like the Mac Mini, but slashes the tag to $189, which is…