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Jacket That Helps You Breathe in an Avalanche

The AvaJacket is a safety vest with a built-in mouthpiece. It's similar in concept to the AvaLung, which also helps filter fresher air from below, allowing the wearer to avoid breathing in his/her exhales. The difference with the AvaJacket…

Kahtoola Microspikes make hiking on ice something approaching pleasant

Over at Cool Tools, Adam Skinner reviews the Kahtoola Microspikes, strap-on mini-crampons that work a little like snow chains for shoes. You can pick up a pair for $45-60 and prance around on glaciers all you like.

Complicated polypropylene snow shovel will doubtless offer years of service

Perhaps you'd like to take a simple tool and add a layer of needless but enticing complexity. Perhaps that will make it easier to get the job done. Perhaps it will last until February. Perhaps! From the product description:

Local Hero: Cranky man on mobility scooter vs. snow, good sense

Derek Chatwood writes, "This guy was zooming down Pike St. and then heading down 1st Ave, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision. Muttering loudly to himself the whole way."
I love you, cranky old daredevil!…

Sno-Baller Snow Ball Maker

The thing about snowballs is that the shape doesn't matter so much as the density. That makes this Sno-baller, a scissoring snowball scooper, a bit suspect. I can't imagine that you'd be able to pack them down as tightly as…

"Alu" Snow Sled with Shock Absorber

This fold-up "Alu" snow sled with built-in shock absorber ain't cheap at £309, but she's a looker. Built of aluminum and polycarbonate, it's made for those who don't consider it real sledding unless you catch some air. The only bummer?…

Scarpa Grizu Heated Electric Insoles

The "Grizu" from Scarpa are heated show insoles that bring the temperature inside your boot up to 38° Celsius—warm enough to be comfortable, but in theory not so warm your feet will sweat. The insoles can even be submerged in…