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Jacket That Helps You Breathe in an Avalanche

The AvaJacket is a safety vest with a built-in mouthpiece. It’s similar in concept to the AvaLung, which also helps filter fresher air from below, allowing the wearer to avoid breathing in his/her exhales. The difference with the AvaJacket is … Continue reading

Oakley Medusa Head Thinger

Oakley exhibits some of the worst product design in the entire Plastic Crap Industry, but I think they may have finally gone so far over the top that they’ve fallen back to something appealing. The “Medusa” is a $500 full … Continue reading

Bakoda Flask Pack for Snowboarders

This “Flask Pack” from Bakoda is just a simple flask in a neoprene casing, but it looks so much cooler when shown attached to a snowboard binding. The idea? To keep four ounces of your favorite booze easily accessible when … Continue reading