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Kim Jong Il to drag moon back to North Korea

It's testament to the moon-eyed insanity of Kim Jong Il's regime that I didn't realize this was from the Onion until about a minute in. I think my favorite line is: "The plan is perfect. We have already succeeded."…

New Whorls: Interactive space exploration chart from Nat Geo

This interactive chart from National Geographic (seen here in full but non-interactive form) is gorgeous. [NatGeo]…

Space Origami

It's too bad it's after Christmas, because this Space Origami set (complete with folding manual) looks like it'd make a great little gift for a happily mutated niece or nephew. $10, which is cheap for a construction paper spaceman or…

Spaceman watches for the interstellar gadabout

Another day, another suite of gorgeous retro watches I'll never have the gumption to purchase. These are the "Spaceman" watches, inspired by the glut of spaceflight in which Earthlings were indulging, stained orange and strange by the '70s. Watchismo has…

Lord British in Star City

Wired has a great article up following gaming's favorite fruity Ren Fairer, Richard Garriott aka "Lord British" as he trains to be launched into space as "an effete space tourist, or monkey" at Russia's Zvyozdny Gorodok, aka Star City.

Power On Self Test: Pressure suit not required

Source unknown!

Boomerangs hurled aboard International Space Station

A Japanese person throwing a boomerang and having it to return to him aboard the International Space Station is not going to throw the world of aerodynamic studies into chaos. A boomerang should work in any environment with air, if…

Lord British's Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Watch

Richard "Lord British" Garriott, creator of Ultima and Tabula Rasa, is a bit of a space nut. (He owns an original Sputnik.) In October, Garriott will be taking a trip to the International Space Station—by rocket—and instead…

Leaked LEGO Sets Feature Old School Spaceships, Tentacled Space Skulls

Images purported to be the leaks of an upcoming Space line from LEGO have be scanned and I am intrigued. The ships are a heavily white and blue palette, with big chunky pieces reminiscent of some of the original Space…

Six Ugliest Space LEGO Sets

Dan Rutter gets in on the LEGO fun with this collection of god-awful designs that plagued the LEGO Space catalog in the last couple of decades. For as good as many LEGO models have been, there were the occasional turds.…