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The iBoogie speaker and dance machine


The iBoogie is a twenty dollar speaker containing the accompanying rhythmic dance routines of a Stop Signal refuge. I would have prefered a moonwalking ampelmann, personally.

iBoogie Speaker and Dance Machine for MP3 Players [HSN via Oh Gizmo]…

Nomad Traveler Speaker: tweed vinyl is this generation's wooden Victoriana


Urban Outfitters may be staffed by design-stealing bastards, but sometimes their mining of retro culture dusts off a look that feels new. This "Nomad Traveler Speaker", for instance, clad entirely in a tweed vinyl. You can plug in your …

Sound Asleep Pillow with Embedded Speaker


This "Sound Asleep Pillow," which has a small speaker inside that is supposedly audible only to the person whose head is resting on it, would be the perfect thing to buy to subconsciously reprogram a loved one via nighttime mental …

Pottery Barn's Simple Speaker Shelf


How good this "Ultimate Display Speaker Shelf" sounds is anybody's guess, but it's only eighty bucks and looks better than every other iPod dock on the market. A winner!

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