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Pre takes a bite out of iPhone in new Sprint ad


Unofficial Palm Preview (I'm working the puns out of my system now)


A person claiming to be a customer support person at Sprint has posted a lot of little trivia about the Palm Pre that at least sounds credible, although there's nothing in particular that will blow your mind. Still, taken as …

If you actually made it, Sprint, I would buy it

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Yes, Virginia, the Palm Pre will have tethering at launch


Another spike down the throat of Apple's iPhone volleyball squadron by Team Palm Pre: at launch, their prospective iPhone-killer will feature data tethering over both Bluetooth and USB, without jailbreaking. If it's so easy for Spring and Palm of all …

Rumor: Palm to release Pre for as low as $149 with contract, $399 without


According to Russian site Mobile Review, Palm's incredible Pre handset will be sold for under $200... if you're willing to sign a two year contract. I believe this is the relevant part:

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Sprint "Now" widget ad page is momentarily nifty even if you're not using their product


@mathowie said, "When I was a kid, I always thought in the future I'd get paid to look at something like the Sprint Now dashboard"

Intrigued, I looked, and then we discussed in our editor's chat room:

Joel J.

Sprint to pro-rate termination fees for new customers

The last of the big cellular carriers to pro-rate its early termination fees, Sprint is expected to catch up with its competitors on November 2.

It currently charges $200 to leave town before a 2-year contract expires. Once pro-rating begins, …

Sprint: Android simply not good enough for us


CEO Dan Hesse told the National Press Club that Android isn't "good enough to put the Sprint brand on it," even though Sprint is one of the thirty-ish companies forming part of Google's alliance and will crank one out eventually.…

Dell Studio 15 laptops come with mobile broadband too


While the Inspiron Mini's 3G provider hasn't been announced yet, it looks like it's a lock that you'll only be able to access the 3G card in the States with Verizon and Sprint. Why? Dell has just announced that all …

California judge declares Sprint's early termination fees illegal

A California judge has passed a preliminary ruling on Sprint Nextel's early termination fees: I don't speak Legalese, but I believe an onomatopoeic kablammo is accepted in most languages. The judge presupposed that the ETFs were unfairly enforcing contracts. Of …