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Vizio connected HDTV remote reminds that everything is turning into a PC


Available soon, budget HDTV maker Vizio will soon be selling televisions that can stream internet content, including Netfli, Amazon, Showtime, Yahoo widgets, and more. But check out that snazzy slide-out QWERTY keyboard!


I don't know why Vtech is making the IS9181 Wi-Fi Internet Radio


I'm a bit baffled by this one: Vtech, known best for their top-notch electronic toys for kids, have released the "IS9181 Wi-Fi Internet Radio", a desktop radio straight out of 2004 with a name that conjures all the …

Netflix adds a whole bunch of new movies through "Starz Play" streaming


Netflix announced today the addition of the "Starz Play" library of movies to their streaming catalog. That's great news for Netflix subscribers, who now can stream an additional 2,500 movies — including many just-released titles that Netflix was lacking — …

Best Buy buys Napster

$121 million, including $67 million in cash, for 700,000 subscribers. [WSJ]…

Netflix streaming coming to Xbox 360

For no additional cost. Good deal for all parties, including we customers. [Kotaku]…

Review: A few days with the Netflix Player by Roku


The "Netflix Player by Roku" is awkwardly named, but there's a reason: while the first streaming media service offered by this little box is from Netflix, more services will likely be added to it in the future. (I'm leading with …

Klimax DS: Streaming Audio Ain't Cheap, It Seems


The Klimax DS is a streaming media player that supports FLAC and WAV (and presumably MP3) and is controlled by a touchscreen remote. It doesn't have any storage itself, but streams audio like ripped CDs from network attached drives, upsampling …