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Finally! A reason to stare, unblinking, directly into the sun…

To power your gadgets, of course. The solar dyed sunglasses would also make a great addition to the costume of any infinity-themed super hero or villain. Solar Powered Sun Glasses [Yanko]

Digital Performance Eyewear from Gunnar Optiks: When future.jpg is so bright…

I hate being dismissive of a product I’ve never used (really), but I can’t help but cringe a little at the buzzwords that abound in the press release for the Gunnar Optiks “Digital Performance Eyewear” glasses, a line of $100 … Continue reading

Sugarkane “Occhiali” asymmetric sunglasses

Brandish reports on what may be an upcoming trend in sunglasses: asymmetry. These “Occhiali” from Italian firm Sugarkane are just regular sunglasses with a permanent half-wink as well as lenses that go dark in sunlight. (As seen in many prescription … Continue reading

Split Thump: Oakley Still Making Jerk-Ass MP3 Player Sunglasses

The Oakley Thump was never an awful idea—stashing an MP3 player in a set of sunglasses makes some sense. They’re already on your head, right next to your ears… But they’ve an obvious downside, too: you have to have your … Continue reading

FishGillz Floating Sunglasses

Although available in only a single generic “sports” frame shape, the FishGillz sunglasses do have the happy tendency to float on water, something that won’t seem that important to you until the moment that it is. At $40 they approach … Continue reading

Spy Sunglasses Take Another Stab at Hidden Video

These sunglasses, said to have an embedded camera wired inside, may be the best looking set of surreptitious spy glasses yet. The thick frame sunglasses that are en vogue these days really are perfect for embedding cameras, perhaps even with … Continue reading