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Bug-In Bag: What tools for the Outquisition?

Cory's "Outquisition" notion has certianly prompted much discussion over on Mother Boing. It seems the idea of traveling knowledge missionaries in a post-oh-I-thought-you-meant-that-button society has gotten lots of you excited, both for the fun daydream or from the …

How-to set up your own floating micro-nation


Over at Gizmodo, Adam Frucci conducted an interview with Patri Friedman, executive director of the Seasteading Institute, an organization devoted to trying to convince open seas frontiersmen to live on a gigantic slab of concrete in the middle of the …

GPS Tracker Defence jammer blocks homing beacons you didn't know you had


Look, I know you're paranoid. I can see it in the way you're nervously trying to catch a rearward reflection in the glare of your monitor as you read this post. Relax. No one cares about what you're doing right …

Luxury Gas Masks


These bejeweled gas masks were one-offs created by artist Diddo Velema for the "Luxury Show 2008" in Bucharest, Romania. I'm not normally one to be swayed by the gold-and-crystal crowd, but I could totally wear one of these to the …

Week in the Woods: Need to Get My Computer Decision Made

I've been fighting off a fever all week, which has made even dribbling up these small number of posts a chore, leaving the rest of my to-do list a phlegm-pocked inventory of failure. But one thing I have to get …

Apparently NBC Universal Likes My "Week in the Woods" Idea

Last week I mentioned my plans to spend a week in the woods while still continuing my full-time blogging and writing schedule. Looks like NBC Universal/DVICE thinks it's a good idea, too, since they're looking for someone to do it …

Ten Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles


Oh, hell, let's make it two-in-a-row round-up linkbait capitulation: Jalopnik has put together a completely spurious, thoroughly entertaining list of the "Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles, including my lusted-after Earthroamer XV-JP. (I have to say, though, that that Volvo …

Bedu: Emergency Shelter in a Barrel


More sci-fi concept than practical idea, I am nonetheless intrigued by the "Bedu" survival-annex-in-a-barrel idea by Toby McInnes, which crams a stove, tents, a radio and generator, medicine, and tools into a 50-gallon drum. Having just recently watched Into the

Eton FR1000 Crank Radio with Walkie-Talkie


While the likelihood of be ever living in a place where I would be completely off the grid is pretty unlikely, I still adore hand-cranked whatevers, even after owning a few and giving myself cramps trying to keep them …

ATAX Survival Tool


Toolmonger has discovered the "ATAX," which they suggest would be the perfect gift for the last man on Earth:

You can either use it as a knife or lash it to a stick and use it like an axe. The