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Video: Teenage Engineering and the OP-1 Synthesizer

Music Radar caught Teenage Engineering, makers of the OP-1 portable synthesizer and controller, at the first day of Frankfurt Musikmesse '09. Not a whole lot more information is available, but it pretty much shoots down the bizarre claims some …

Teenage Engineer OP-1 synth & controller (sound test)


Teenage Engineering is building a relatively small portable synthesizer and controller, the OP-1. Here is their display test using a high-density OLED (I think). (Thanks, Tom!)

Video: Jean Michel Jarre synths China's face clean off (1981)

French synthpop pioneer Jean Michel Jarre gave the first Western pop concert in post-Mao China, shown here in this video from 1981. [via EHX]

This is the sound and spirit of BBG.…

Video Exclusive: Tettix shows HOWTO make "Fake 'n' Bake" chiptunes with Reason

One of our favorite musicians, Judson "Tettix" Cowan, has taken the time to show us how he makes "Fake 'n' Bake Chiptunes" in Propellerheads' Reason. Which is awesome, because if I ever get off my ass …

The crystalline keen of a siren's urogential diaphragm


Skot Wiedmann's Motus Mavis hand-built analog synthesizers sound like this. [via MAKE:]…

Korg DS-10: Emulate the Classic MS-10 Synth on the Nintendo DS

The Korg DS-10 is a cartridge for the Nintendo DS that turns the portable game device into a synthesized MS-10 synthesizer, including two synth engines, a drum machine, and a 16-step sequencer. You can punch in controls with three different …

Roland SH-101 Synthesizer Cake


This fantastic cake is a tribute to the Roland SH-101 synthesizer, with Kit-Kat black keys, Rollo knobs, and sliders made from Andes mints. Adorable.

at long last! [ via Music Thing]…