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LEGO "Desert Stunner"


BB Video: "Tank Tour" - One of World's Largest Collections of Historic Military Technology

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In today's edition of Boing Boing Video, guest-host Todd Lappin explores a massive collection of historical military vehicles tanks collected by an eccentric Silicon Valley multimillionaire. The recently-departed Jacques Littlefield amassed …

We attack Caturday, pass it on


Good news from the Malabar front: Puppies will fit, too!

Cat Play House [Drinkstuff via RGS] …

Lite Cylinders: Clear, Fiberglass Propane Tanks


These "Lite Cylinders" are made from fiberglass, making them both easier to toss around and safer. Unlike standard propane tanks, the Lite Cylinders won't corrode, are translucent making checking gas levels easy, and don't explode when exposed to fire. (Or …

Limotrack: "We Need an APC Pick-Up!"


The tank limo trend in the U.K. continues apace with the "Limotrack," a converted BV206 Full-Tracked Articulated Personnel Carrier that will carry your drunken friends in style at speeds up to 35MPH. Inside its been retrofitted with a drinks cooler, …