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Waiting for retro: cheap LCD handheld games were always there

Through successive generations of Nintendo handheld and the various also-rans, portable gaming's gotten brighter, better and more colorful. But all along, traditional Tiger-style LCD games, despite slipping into dollar-store senescence, continued to lurk in the background. They are with us…

In defense of terrible Tiger Electronics handheld games

Andrew Liszewski looks back on the classic game Hang-On – the portable version, that is – and its place at the end of the pre-Gameboy era of handheld gaming. What I like about his piece is that he comes to…

Who'd like a portable text game console?

BBG co-editor John Brownlee wants someone to make a simple, cheap handheld roguelike in a similar vein to the dedicated Tiger portable games of yore...
Some sort of UMPC or handheld console solution dedicated to one single purpose: Playing ASCII