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The International Online Toaster Museum

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The International Central Service's Online Toaster Museum shows in nearly infinite nuanced zoological detail just what happens when a piece of technology reaches evolutionary perfection: innovation switches to design. I could spend hours flicking through this collection, trying to decide …

Top X: 10 Perfectly Pure Gadgets


By BBG Staff

Perfection? Some gadgets are already perfect. They don't need further technological advancement. They're pure. If you change one thing about them significantly, you make them worse. You change their nature entirely. When someone finally comes up with

Dot-matrix toaster


Ready to start an eBay business selling pareidolia toast? The first church of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde welcomes all careful oxidizers. Zuse, the dot matrix bread printer, would print beautiful spaghetti monsters–if only it was a real product.


Microwave-toaster combo shows cellphones a thing or two about convergence


It is a microwave. Press a button, and a flap opens to reveal a concealed toaster. Shriek with glee and clap your hands, it's a convergence device that sounds like it might actually been worth the trouble of converging!

Appliances …

Crysis on Digital Signage! S3's Embeddable DirectX10 GPU


S3 graphics. It's a phrase one hears now and again, but on the playground of video card dickwaving, it's never been a stiff contender. With its release of the 4300E embeddable GPU chipset, however, it brings Directx10 to its low-power, …

Questioning Everything About What We Toast Today


Sometimes designers, god bless 'em, are up their own asses. It's not that this concept toaster [pictured top] is horrible, but it's not unassailably brilliant. Yet the description by the designer George Watson is overwrought. Here's a taste: