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A toilet made of poo


LOOWATT: Toilet Made From Poo Transforms Excrement into Energy
by Mike Chino

Intelligent Toilet II: now with urine temperature measurement


The second edition of the Intelligent Toilet is upon on us. Or beneath us, as the case may be. From Born Rich:

Intelligence Toilet from Toto was a boon for bathrooms when it came into existence in 2005. Now

Man sucked into toilet after reaching for dropped phone


A mercifully unnamed Frenchman got his arm sucked down a fancy train toilet after trying to fish out a cellphone he dropped in it. The BBC:

The high-speed TGV train had to stop for two hours while firemen cut

Top X: 10 Perfectly Pure Gadgets


By BBG Staff

Perfection? Some gadgets are already perfect. They don't need further technological advancement. They're pure. If you change one thing about them significantly, you make them worse. You change their nature entirely. When someone finally comes up with

Video: Swedish German Self-Cleaning Ruins Cokehead's Evening

Not that I've ever done cocaine in a public restroom (seriously), but I'm pretty sure that you do the coke off the tank, not the seat. Nevertheless, a cute commercial, even if I spoiled the punchline in the title.

[via …

TwoDaLoo: Inexplicable Twin Toilet


The "TwoDaLoo" is a frightening two-throne toilet that is sold as a way to get closer to your partner. "Saves rocky marriages," claims the ad copy. In all my relationships, I can't once think that the missing element was to …

Video: The World Toilet Summit


National Geographic has a fascinating video from the "World Toilet Summit," a very real convention that brings together various technologies that might improve toilets and sewage systems around the world—presuming someone even has a toilet. (Much of the world does …