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Toshiba Unleashing Biggest Memory Card EVER

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Some hyperbolic highlights from the press release:

world's first 64GB1 SDXC Memory Card... capable of operating at the world's fastest data transfer rate3 for reading and writing to a flash memory card... world's first memory cards compliant with

Toshiba R600 with colossal SSD reviewed. Verdict: "The Bee's Knees."


Gizmodo's Mark Wilson writes that fast flash storage with hard drive-like capacity puts Toshiba on top of the world.

Fast! This isn't some bargain basement drive that Toshiba shoved in a laptop for bragging rights.

Benchmarks are spectacular: it grossly …

Toshiba unveils future Regza LCD upgrades, and the future of their HDTVs: Cell TV


From the very first moments of the Toshiba press conference it's clear there's going to be little on offer HDTV. The stage is set with a quartet of hooded television models; the press conference starts with a two minute tribute …

A moment of magical surrealism at CES infuses BBG blogger with mundane wonder

Picture 56.jpg

The Toshiba presser begins with a curiously Mac-centric variation of the BSOD projected in triplicate in between a quatrain of anonymous, hooded HDTVs: a trial version nag screen courtesy of Little Snitch, a program often used by Apple pirates …

The Toshiba G450: "a 3G modem with benefits."


The Toshiba G450 is an odd conglomeration of different functions merged into a silver candy bar shell. It's not just a memory stick, or a memory stick / MP3 player, or a memory stick / MP3 player with built-in tri-band …

Toshiba's Portégé R600 packs 9 hours of battery life into 2.4 pounds of laptop


Portégé R600 (note the preponderance of accent aigus, indicating its French Canadian market) is Toshiba's latest laptop, which Crunchgear colorfully describes as "boneriffic."

It's not a powerhouse: a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor, a 160GB hard drive and …

XBox 360 getting Blu-Ray sooner rather than later


They never thought it could happen to them. The one, a widow, still haunted by the phantasmal caresses of his horrible murdered wife. The other, the vivacious child bride of her lover's widowmaker. In their secret bedroom fumblings, they would …

News at 11: At trade show, major company shows off cool prototype it will never sell


"First of all," warns Ubergizmo, "this media server is a concept, not a commercial product."

And yet it has specifications. [Ubergizmo]…

Toshiba announced two 1.8 inch HDDs, but only one goes in the belly of the iPod Classic


There's a certain expectation that Toshiba will announce new 1.8 inch hard drives every time the iPod Classic line is refreshed, and Monday's "Let's Rock" (we didn''t) was no exception: Toshiba revealed two new 1.8-inch hard drives, a 120GB and …

Sponsor: Toshiba Laptop Experts desktop widget


One of our sponsors, Toshiba, has created an Adobe AIR-based "Laptop Experts" widget that can sit on your desktop, making it simple to add questions to the system and get answers back. (You may have seen the Laptop Experts excerpts …