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Touchscreen fan controller for PCs


NXZT's Sentry 2 Touchscreen Fan Controller is, presumably, what you've been waiting for if you hate buttons but still want to control your fans. But the best part is that it is isn't an LCD: it's "touchscreen" in the sense …

iHouse SmartFaucet perhaps a little too much so


Shopping for fixtures would tend to suggest finding a tasteful item—let's say a faucet—that will provide trouble-free service for years to come. Or you could buy the "SmartFaucet" from Brazilian manufacturer iHouse, which users a facial recognition system …

Dual touchscreen laptop concept suddenly attractive when you add World of Warcraft


On the Intel/Asus-sponsed, Destructoid's Niero Gonzalez had the same thought about dual touchscreen laptops that many of us have, but has made it oh-so-much-more compelling with a mockup of playing World of Warcraft on such a machine.…

Impress, a smooshy 3D touchscreen by Silke Hilsing


I'm having a little bit of difficulty parsing the art-speak, but I'm pretty sure from the pictures that "DIS.PLAY" is a prototype projection surface that responds to not only touch in two dimensions, but smooshed down into a …

Fujitsu LifeBook N7010 crams two screens in


Besides the useless and strangely hobbit sized U820, the other Fujitsu Lifebook of the day is the N7010, which has one rather neat flourish distinguishing it from your average laptop: there's a tiny 4-inch touchscreen embedded above the keyboard.

Fujitsu's …

Asus promises touchscreen Eee in 2009


The next obvious step is the tablet netbook. Tablets have never really hit the mainstream at their price, but a cheap netbook tablet could be marketed as an affordable, digital Etch-A-Sketch, useful not just for idle MS Painting but also …

Sony's new Reader has a touchscreen


Sony's latest e-reader. the PRS-700, looks good: it features a six-inch touchscreen, allowing you to look up words, tag bookmarks and turn pages with the press of a finger. Built into the sides: a series of LED lights for reading …

The Shuttle-D10: a desktop with a built-in touchscreen


Crunchgear's Doug Aamoth is ambivalent about desktops with built-in touchscreens: he doesn't really see the point in PCs like the Shuttle D10. But I can't be the only one who sees a built-in touchscreen as incredibly convenient for a home …

Dual Touchscreen Nintendo DS in 2009?


My former Kotaku colleague Brian 'LOL' Ashcraft has plied mysterious "sources" in Japan with sake, reducing them to salaryman-style drunkenness. Plucked from their chaotic drunken ramblings? Some details about the next iteration of the Nintendo DS.

According to Ashcraft, several …

Does MacBook's rumored glass trackpad mean secondary displays?

If the new MacBook Pro's touchpad will be glass and multitouch, there is an implication of it having a display underneath it, because the current metal touchpads already do multitouch. Here's a photoshop cooked up by 4 Front Multimedia:


Moreoever, …