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Apple files patent for multi-gesture language


Apple has filed a patent for a new multi-touch gesture language that will allows us program gestures into our computers. Similar to the zoom and rotate gestures currently programmed into the iPhone and MacBook multi-touch touchpads, the new patent describes …

Buick Reatta had a touchscreen interface in the '80s

In a collection of design flops that includes products that many of we nerds often lament, the Wall Street Journal also remembers the Buick Reatta, a strange little two-seater that featured among other innovations a touchscreen interface for its …

Manodo touchscreen reports every detail of your energy consumption


Touchscreen computers installed in the hallways of fifteen apartments in Gothenburg, Sweden, inform the residents the carbon footprint of every action they've taken in their homes, helping them monitor the true cost of leaving the lights on or taking a …

Nokia's "Haptikos" Tactile Touchscreen Previewed (Verdict: Profoundly Good)


Red from the Red Ferret Journal got his hands on a demo of "Haptikos," a haptics touch feedback system from Nokia that makes typing on a touchscreen keyboard feel something like the real thing.

The problem in perfecting the tech