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Kindle Hacking: It's a "lovely little Linux box"


I took this photo of a Kindle 2 hacked by Jesse Vincent at Foo Camp this past weekend. Apparently, aside from being a popular e-book reader, the Kindle is like Lego for Linux geeks. Here's Jesse's description of what we're …

HP's custom Ubuntu skin for netbooks now installable by everyone


As I hoped, plucky hackers have taken that gorgeous HP custom shell for their Ubuntu netbooks, ripped out the launcher, OS skin and some application skins, and made it available for everyone. Score.

Hp mie interface download [Ubuntu Forums]…

HP releases gorgeous Apple-like custom UI for Ubuntu netbooks


As netbooks grow more popular, the custom Linux OSes being offered for them become more and more appropriate to the form factor, with larger, more smartphone-like icons.

HP ships a pretty swank netbook UI on their Mini 1000 Mi Edition, …

Dell Mini-Inspiron running Ubuntu in the wild


Engadget has posted up some leaked insider shots of the Dell Mini-Inspiron Netbook (still MIA, dammit) running Ubuntu Netbook. The slathering of Ubuntu on a netbook is satisfying in a peanut butter meets bacon sort of way, but the real …

Dell Mini-Inspiron Netbook: specs leaked, rumored August 22nd, Ubuntu!


Gizmodohas gotten their hands on the leaked specs for the Dell's upcoming netbook, the Mini-Inspiron (technically the 910). There's not much new here, although delightfully, it looks like it will be rather easily upgradeable: the SSD is held in …

Ubuntu releases Hardy Heron for MIDs


Here at Boing Boing Gadgets, we leave the foaming rants about the uselessness of MIDs to Beschizza, who can't post about one without hunting down a gazelle, ripping out its throat with his teeth and smearing its blood all …

Ars Technica looks at Ubuntu Netbook Remix (Verdict: excremental brown, but looking good!)


Pulling spaghetti strands of beta code from Canonical's source repository and tying the slippery ends together, Ars Technica has some impressions up of Ubuntu's new subnotebook optimized OS, Netbook Remix. The new tabs-like application switcher seems particularly righteous:

The other

Ubuntu Netbook Remix looks great


We somehow missed this in our gargantuan sub-notebook round-up, but Canonical officially announced their mini-notebook flavored version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, at yesterday's Computex Expo. Engadget has a gallery of screenshots, which is still wonderfully Ubuntu-esque while adding …

Ubuntu moving into UMPCs and subnotebooks


In an interview with the Guardian, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth just came out and admitted that a version of the OS specifically aimed at Asus Eee devices was, indeed, in development:

TG: Will you be coming out with a tailored

Nokia Internet Tablet will run Ubuntu


Nokia's Internet Tablet, a nifty little handheld, is about to get even niftier. With Nokia buying Trolltech, the latter's Qt Linux dev toolkit will be slurped into the system. Moreover, the popular and consumer-friendly linux distribution, Ubuntu, is also making …