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Video: Polite Umbrella Contracts To Avoid Poking Others In The Eye

Video Link. This This cleverly-designed umbrella allows you shrink to fit the sidewalk.. (Thanks, Stephen Lenz)

Umbrella with the hilt of a samurai sword


This fantastic umbrella features a hilt the very simulacrum of that of a samurai sword, but regrettably does not actually turn into one under rain-smattered yakuza attack... not too surprising, since it's hard to find either a samurai sword or …

Umbrella illuminates as rain hits


The LightDrops umbrella invented by Sang-Kyun Park glows brighter and brighter the harder it rains. I imagine the site must be very pretty in the rainy dark, as the downpour splatters in loosely corresponded puddles of staccato light.

LightDrops [Yanko]…

Kill a man with the Unbreakable Umbrella


For $180, the Unbreakable Umbrella advertises a precipitation shielding system that is not only nigh-invulnerable enough to support the body weight of an Ian Holm look-alike, but which is also strong enough to smash open a human skull like a …

Hands free umbrella with name of space prostitute is inventor's $400k dream


Monica Hesse of the Washington Post has written a weird little piece about the Nubrella, an over-the-shoulders plastic dome which is marketing itself as the Umbrella 2.0, despite the fact that it features a five-step opening process and you need …

Umbrella Flask: Swigin' in the Rain


This handsome umbrella's handle screws off to reveal a test tube-like "flask." For £425, you might be better off concealing your booze inside your own belly.

For just $20, you could instead purchase the beer pager, a coozie that …