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Windows 7 runs on 600MHz UMPCs

For retronauts who wants a modern OS on decidedly sub-modern CPUs but don't want to go the Linux route, Windows 7 is looking to be a juicy plum. It seems to be excellent at scaling... far better than Vista was.…

Ubuntu moving into UMPCs and subnotebooks

In an interview with the Guardian, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth just came out and admitted that a version of the OS specifically aimed at Asus Eee devices was, indeed, in development:
TG: Will you be coming out with a tailored

Dell Joins Asus, HP In "Race To The Bottom" with Budget Sub-Notebook

A few months ago, a Sony executive, asked what he thought of the success of the Asus Eee bargain sub-notebook, leaned back in his chair, sucked on his cigar and smugly denounced the pursuit of cute, tiny, low-cost laptops as…