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Windows 7 runs on 600MHz UMPCs

For retronauts who wants a modern OS on decidedly sub-modern CPUs but don't want to go the Linux route, Windows 7 is looking to be a juicy plum. It seems to be excellent at scaling... far better than Vista was. …

Ubuntu moving into UMPCs and subnotebooks


In an interview with the Guardian, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth just came out and admitted that a version of the OS specifically aimed at Asus Eee devices was, indeed, in development:

TG: Will you be coming out with a tailored

Dell Joins Asus, HP In "Race To The Bottom" with Budget Sub-Notebook

A few months ago, a Sony executive, asked what he thought of the success of the Asus Eee bargain sub-notebook, leaned back in his chair, sucked on his cigar and smugly denounced the pursuit of cute, tiny, low-cost laptops as …