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Amazing tech enhances videos with high-res photographs

Students at the University of Washington have come up with some amazing technology to use high-res still photographs or a single frame of a video scene to automatically improve, desaturate and up-sample video to photographic quality. The demo is simply … Continue reading

Video: Another thing you can do with a Fun Float

When I wrote about my idyllic boyhood experiences on the summer camp fun float, I somehow let all of the Lord of the Flies testicle crushing distract me from writing about all the other cool things you can do with … Continue reading

Video: Playgirl model minces his way through Wii Fit

[via Kotaku]

HIS iClear “noise reduction” PCI card doesn’t really do much of anything

Say “Hi” to the HIS iClear “noise reduction” card, a peripheral that snaps into your computer’s PCIe socket, just like a video card. What does it do? It is not clear. Dan Rutter investigates: According to the iClear Card’s product … Continue reading

Radiohead’s “Nude” played by old gadgets

James Houston’s haunting remix of Radiohead’s Nude is made of a ZX Spectrum, a Scanjet 3c, an ancient scanner and a rackful of ruined hard drives. If you subject yourself to one wonderful cacophony this week, make it this one. … Continue reading

Video soporific: Cornelius music video

I could try to muster some connection between the all-white, claymation effects of this new music video from Cornelius and, I dunno, eastern design aesthetics, but that’d be a stretch. How about this: I just really like it. Enjoy your … Continue reading

Video: He-Man and the Hulk sell motorcycles in Brazil

He-Man and Skeletor sell Honda Motorcycles from the Mearim Motos dealership in Brazil. How could this be better? If they hired a crazy kid to paint his body like the Hulk but he ends up looking more like a young … Continue reading

Video: The evolution of mobile handsets

If you can handle the cheeseball music — and fortunately, there’s no reason to leave it unmuted — this video shows the morphing of cellphone handsets from 1985’s Motorola Dynatac up through the iPhone. (Which means it’s probably from sometime … Continue reading

Dance of the Metronomes

Momentum rules. via DVICE and Music Thing

Modular re-assembling robot will not stop, ever, until you are dead

As this video of a modular robot re-assembling itself after being kicked apart by its creators at the University of Pennsylvania shows, the day is soon approaching when even smashing apart our rebellious robot slaves with hammers and axes will … Continue reading