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Tsarist Russia's wooden clockwork

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This beautiful watch was made by Bronnikovs of the pre-revolutionary era, according to English Russia, but not many survive. Examples now allegedly fetch about $20,000.

English Russia via Red Ferret.…

The watch with no face


Hironao Tsuboi's LED watch conceals its digits in the spaces between links, giving it the appearance of a plain metal strap when not activated.

Product Page [100per via Geekologie]…

Concord C1 Quantum Gravity watch, part suspension bridge, part bomb


The Concord C1 Quantum Gravity watch, sure to make any Borg feel like a star. We are fabulous.

Below, a short video showing the tourbillon bi-axial being constructed, which as you may know is a little geary thing that goes …

Vintage watches with compasses for Muslim prayer


Watchismo is selling a few vintage "Muslim Mecca" watches that have compasses inside. (And, if I'm not totally dumb, markings for prayer times.)…

Retrowerk's steampunk watch goes Victorian on your wallet


Watchismo's $1,098 Retrowerk-Steampunk watch is a little beyond my price range right now, but I mostly love it and shall commence the saving of pennies. From the Watchismo blog:

In the past, I've written about high end masterpieces like Vianney

A human lifetime in Rolex Time Sand


Michael Marcovici seems to specialize in art projects in which symbolic effigies of enormous amounts of countable things (money, time and... huh... Sangaku Kaizen soul stones) are stacked in illustrative ways. His Rolex exhibit takes 18 pallets of official Rolex …

The many watches of Barack Obama


There's an absolutely fascinating biopsy over at On the Dash in which President Obama, as a horological entity, is split up the gullet, his innermost cogwork guts examined for hidden tourbillions.

Watch nuts (and I mean it oh-so-lingeringly, oh-so-affectionately) have …

The phone-watch of tomorrow, (rendered) today


LG's making one that actually exists, but Shirley A. Roberts' design for a wrist-phone has much more sci-fi panache. All it needs is cufflinks!

Emergency Phone [Fubiz via Monster Munch]…

Japanese electrocardiogram watch


It's called the EIN Cyber Heartbeat LED. At first look, it appears to be one of those crazy binary things from Tokyoflash, but it has a purpose beyond annoying its wearer. It is an honest-to-God heart monitor, keeping track of …

Asteroids wristwatch


In the Annals of Do Want, this Asteroids-playing wristwatch will have its own chapter, lovingly illuminated, with the esoteric secrets of vectorbeam technology encoded in the fibers of the pages themselves.

It's the latest from John Maushammer, who originally created …