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Anti-radio paint developed

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created paint larded with aluminum-iron oxide, which block electromagnetic waves.

This is nothing new though, as RF-blocking paints have been available for a number of years now. Indeed, EM-SEC Technologies successfully tested its

OS X WiFi drivers now available for MSI Wind


MSI's Wind was a near-perfect "hackintosh" netbook, able to run Apple's OSX system software but for one problem: no WiFi drivers for the factory-installed wireless card. Realtek's remedied the problem by emailing a customer with OSX drivers, according to

iPhone app takes the SMSing out of logging into AT&T free Wi-Fi


iPhone app developers Devicescape have put together a fantastic little iPhone app that makes logging into an AT&T wi-fi hotspot as simple as starting up the app and mashing a big on-screen button with your thumb.

Essentially, the current system …

The first and the last Wi-Fi Certified devices: Sony-Ericsson C905a is 5,000th gadget to receive stamp


This week saw the 5,000th gadget certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, whose program began in 2000. In the last year, 1,000 new devices were certified. Of the total, 438 are 802.11n, even though the standard is still, technically, a draft.…

Review: a few hours with StarTech's Wi-Fi Detective


StarTech sent in its combo Wi-Fi detector and 802.11g stick, which you can pick up for about $50 online. A Wi-Fi detector when not plugged in and a USB wireless adapter when it is, the WiFi detective worked in …

Griffin Airbase claims to extend WiFi range through height


Griffin's Airbase — essentially an attractive extension cord for Apple's Airport Express — claims that its increased signal strength comes from "raising the base station up into the room." This makes total sense: like fat people, gravity tends to pull …

Nintendo's WiFi router is tiny and a tad inexplicable


Confronted with Nintendo's newly announced Wi-Fi router, most gadget bloggers are galvanically erupting a questioning curlicue of molten incredulity out of the tops of their cranial crevasses. Why would Nintendo release this? The Wii and DS work without an existing …

QuickerTek ExpressCard WiFi has draft-n, huge honking antenna


Owner of an aging MacBook Pro with a decidedly draft-n AirPort card, the adoption of a Time Capsule as my router has spurred me to lust after a speedier WiFi solution. The QuickerTek WiFi ExpressCard might have been it, except …

American Airlines testing in-flight WiFi today


Xeni's been keeping track of American Airlines' WiFi plans over at the Motherboing. The service goes live today, with tests of wireless broadband internet now available on domestic flights. Glenn Fleishman of Wi-Fi Networking News provided an exclusive analysis of …

$318 wireless networking kit extends WiFi for 5 miles


One problem with trying to extend WiFi range is assembling all the necessary gear to establish a strong directional signal both ways. HD Communications' HD262000 aims to be a simple, all-in-one point-to-point WiFi bridge kit adding up to 5 miles …