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Stemglass tray for optimal wine glass portability


What's the best way to carry multiple wine glasses at once? A restaurant in Oita Prefecture in southern Japan has found a solution in the Stemglass Tray, pictured above.

[Product page via TokyoMango]…

Wine bottle gives confidence, friendship, love, light


Simple, lovely, utilitarian design: this Cava wine bottle comes in a box that turns into a chic, slotted lamp.

Wine Case Lamp [The Dieline via DVICE]…

$1,000 motorized wine squirting bladder


Born Rich's headline: "Store and serve wines in style with Skybar Wine Cabinet." I can't think of anything less stylish, though, than squirting out wine like mustard. Oh, it does more than that: precisely measured internal temperatures tied to …

Wine benchmarker reveals grape and age

Cecilia JimĂ©nez-Jorquera has invented an electronic wine-tasting tongue. It measures six characteristics of wine, including acidity, sugar and alcohol levels, and the variety and vintage of the grapes. Requested by "industry specialists" who need a fast way to determine the …

Selling wine in TetraPak containers


A wine importer is selling a Malbec grape wine called "Yellow + Blue" in TetraPak, a container familiar to many in the UK for its use in drink boxes. Dr. Vino took a look:

The facility in Toronto is also

Drinkable Art


This gallery exposition by Hannes Broecker is comprised of nine frames, each filled with a colored cocktail that can be dispensed from the bottom. Gallery goers were encouraged to grab a glass and imbibe, drinking down the art.

In the …

N°2 and N°4 Decanters by Etienne Meneau


While Etienne Meneau's N°2 and N°4 decanters are a whopping €2,000 apiece, they are inarguably appealing. Don't even try to argue!

As Core77 points out, the "branchier" N°4, when filled with a red wine, looks a bit like blood vessels. …

Ratchet Corkscrew


While this ratcheted corkscrew still forces you to tug and yank and curse the cork out of the top of the bottle, at least you'll have a couple of calories more energy to do so than if you'd used a …

€50,000 Corkscrew by Sveid


These made-to-order corkscrews from Sveid are €50,000 apiece. The small hook that is used to operate the corkscrew is 18-carat gold, but is also available in platinum, while the body is made from "aviation titanium." The video on their site …