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Breaking: Apple C&D's Wired Gadget Lab over OS X-on-netbook tutorial


Wired's Gadget Lab blog is being sued by Apple for posting a tutorial on how to hack OS X Leopard to allow it to be installed on a MSI Wind netbook.

According to the author of that guide, Brian …

Play basketball with EA's severed virtual head


My definition of photorealism is different than EA-Sports, but whether or not each rivulet of oily sweat or pucker of a sucking pore can be clearly descried on Dwayne Wade's virtual head, the ability to make a basket dunk in …

Wired reviews Palm Treo Pro. Verdict: stylish, not very good


Steven Leckart plays with Palm's new flagship handset for a while, and finds it a middling and compromised device: "this re-worked, dolled-up device is as good as it gets for the once-mighty smartphone company."

Good is its slim form, …

Wired's Found gone without a sound?


Wired magazine's Found is no more. A weird extrapolated gadget, photoshopped receipt or fake mag cover ostensibly stolen from the future, it always added a bite-size note of happy futurism to an issue. Metafilter has a compendium of the last

HTC Shift UMPC Reviewed (Verdict: Avoid Unless You Enjoy the Plague)

Gadget Lab's Danny Dumas trounces the HTC Shift, which is a bit of a disappointment to me; I'd thought its form factor obviously ludicrous, but still intriguing.

WIRED Built-in CDMA WWAN radio, which lets you access Sprint's data network Logo Contest Inspired by D&D

wired_dnd.jpg is taking submissions for a redesign of their logo in the style of Dungeons & Dragons maps (or riffs thereon). The winner will replace the logo for a day on the main site. An awesome gesture, guys.


Wired Issue 1 Admired


Rex Sorgatz cracks the spine of Wired issue 1.1, the very first. I don't think I ended up getting Wired until a couple of issues in, shoplifted from my local Quiktrip, so it's especially interesting to see what all the …

Twelve Open Phones for Hackers


Wired's Rob Beschizza has collected twelve unlocked, open phones which can be purchased and tweaked to your heart's desire.

Speaking Freely: Unlocked, Open Source Phones for Weary iPhone Hackers []…

Gadget Glyphs Guide


Wired has a short piece up explaining what some of the symbols that appear on your electronics mean. I've reproduced all eight from the article here sans description. If you can tell what all of them are, then you have …