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Did Yahoo can a Yahoo phone?


With Jerry Yang's recent departure as CEO, Yahoo is restructuring and refocusing, and that means Yahoo's past schizophrenic approach to new products are being pared down by the new head honcho, Carol Bartz. One of those recent casualties, according to …

Yahoo! Answers on why vinyl sounds better than CDs

It doesn't matter what side of that debate you come down on, because this stuff is fantastic.

The same people that hold that vinyl (analog) sounds better than CD (digital) are probably the same people that believe pipe organs are

Yahoo to compensate customers for killing their DRM music collections

Yahoo Music Store customers – angry about the company's plans to kill its DRM system, preventing re-activation of their music collections – will be compensated. From Information Week:

Carrie Davis, spokeswoman for Yahoo Music, confirmed that the digital rights management

Yahoo! hikes domains to $34.95, sneaks notification into unrelated email

Buried in one of those eminently ignorable, machine-generated information e-mails from Yahoo! came the following:

If your billing information is up-to-date, there’s no need to do a thing (except keep enjoying your service). *Important note:* Beginning on July 1, 2008,

"Your report matter!" to Yahoo! Answers

The soul of Yahoo! is to be found in its "Yahoo! Answers" service, remarkable for the quality of its users (How is babby formed?) and for the quality of itself.


"Not everyone is entitled to influence the Answers …

Yahoo! mails out kegs of foul skunk beer to promote SearchMonkey


To promote their new SearchMonkey open search platform, Yahoo has been sending out "Happy Hour in a Box" kits... kits loaded with a mini-keg full of Heineken, a brew with all the flavor, bouquet and piquant aroma of a …

Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo(!!!)

Says Reuters, with a cash and stock offer of $44.6 billion. More like "Yowza!"

Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo in $44.6 billion deal [Reuters]…