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SanDisk Puts Its $$$ Where Its Slot Is [Yet Again]


SanDisk's $100 Sansa slotRadio player we reviewed previously is another attempt to convince us to adopt the music/media "format of the future" — which is, of course, the company's microSD card.

Last year, you may recall SanDisk launched a huge …

Zune HD looks like a winner

Picture 3.jpg

Wired's Dylan Tweney got to play with Microsoft's inexorably excellent Zune HD.

It's compact, lightweight, good-looking and has a very slick interface. Microsoft's newest media player has a bright, crisp OLED display that the dark lighting of the nightclub showed

Official: not coming to Zune

Despite both Zune and now sharing space on the Xbox, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to BBG that will not be coming to the Zune platform.…

Would Microsoft make a handheld gaming system without a phone?

So if you can stand to read a couple thousand words of speculation in which the most solid information is from "well placed sources", César A. Berardini from Team Xbox is speculating that Microsoft will be releasing a handheld super-gizmo

Microsoft Zune spec ad finally gets the metaphor right

There are just a million reasons not to post this, but elaborating upon them would ruin the surprise. All I will say is that it is mildly not safe for work, and that none of us in the BBG

Gears of War 2: Zune Edition


You've got to hand it to Microsoft: not only has the Zune gotten consistently better since its initial release (it's now a totally viable competitor to the iPod), but their cross-promotional Zunes are wonderfully designed. Following the steps of the …

Zunes for politicians


Microsoft has government in mind with its new Zunes, crafted specifically for the Republican and Democratic party conventions taking place this week and next. It's hard not to imagine the humor potential of making similarly precious designs for other political …

Rumor: Nokia working with Microsoft on Zune Marketplace phone, but it's not the Zune Phone


First thing's first: the Zune Phone is a very real product being worked on by Microsoft. We don't know much concrete about it: our source merely says that it is being discussed around water coolers as Microsoft's answer to the …

Video: Zune Tattoo Guy's weary goodbye

Yes, he was an idiot to get a tattoo of a product logo, but I really do feel sorry for this guy all the same. He seems to be taking it all pretty hard.

Zune Guy, do yourself a favor …

Steve Ballmer talks Microsoft phones, sparks Zunephone rumor


This quote from a recent Steve Ballmer memo is being flung around gadget blogdom as potentially hinting at the reality of the long-rumored Zune Phone:

We’re changing the way we work with hardware vendors to ensure that we can provide