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Artists Team Up with Microsoft for Zune Originals


My initial experience with my flash-based 8GB Zune 2 isn't very positive—I'm considering not even taking it with me on a trip to San Francisco this week—but the upcoming "Zune Originals" program that will be launching tomorrow is great. For …

Zune 2 Install: Oof


My Zune 2 review unit just showed up in the mail. Why Vista doesn't have Zune drivers built-in I don't know, but after inserting the included disc, this was my first experience with the Zune 2. Golly.…

Video: Zune 2 Interface

Looks very nice. The combination of touch and regular click controls is a nice compromise between iPhone-like "all touch" controls and physical keys. [ via Crunchgear]…

Microsoft's New Zune MP3 Players


Microsoft released new models of their Zune media players, adding the following:

• A slimmer new case design in both hard-drive- and flash-based models.

• Automatic syncing over Wi-Fi.

• The new "Zune Pad" is both a click button and …