Eight Reusable Water Bottles Compared

slate_waterbottles.jpgBottled water's popularity stems from a strange confluence of circumstance: just as people started realizing that chugging several thousand calories of sugared soda a day was unhealthy, easily accessible public water sources dried up. When's the last time you saw—let alone used—a public water fountain?

In the process of breaking of the habit of buying bottled water when there are cheaper options, you might find yourself shlepping around a reusable water bottle; Slate's Laura Moser took eight out for a spin, judging them on portability, aftertaste, and style. Here's hoping that last factor becomes more important in the days ahead, encouraging water bottle use, without heading into the inevitable $10,000 "Portable Patrician Pro" bottle that grinds up sheets of gold leaf to flicker down into a lead crystal jug of sustainable public tap water.

Two choices from Moser's piece caught my eye: the Platy from Platypus Hydration, which is a collapsible bottle tough enough to be boiled; and this corn-based water bottle with a built-in chlorine filter. You can't boil that one, but toss it back in the compost pile when it starts to get funky and it will decompose in just three months.

Message in a Bottle [Slate]

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