LEGO Exo-Force Aero Booster


The anime-inspired LEGO Exo-Force line could be better—I've found its better for the articulated joints for making your own mecha than it is using the default designs—but it looks like they may be finding their feet with this new addition, the "Aero Booster." One tiny minifig, strapped into a winged mecha with engines so out-sized it probably can't even stand up straight? That's the kind of anime I'm talking about.

Of course, if it's like all the other Exo-Force sets, it'll probably look really sparse from the back. I'm on a LEGO moratorium, but looks like a fun kit for $30.

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  1. Since the days of Robotech and Centurions (anyone remember that one) I’ve been building mechs or modular fighting vehicles and suits. Lego’s attention to detail really waned with its Star Wars line and it put me off buying more sets. There were so many models with under-modeled undersides that I didn’t want to spend more on that. But I’m a completist so I have to finish out the set…

    …and find all those Blacktron sets on eBay.

  2. I hate to think I outgrew Legos at some point (I still hoard my collection in bins of unsorted pieces in a closet or garage somewhere, awaiting a time when I can pass them down to a new generation). Occasionally I stop and look at the new kits that have been released over the past 10-15 years and am constantly disappointed at the small number of pieces and overuse of flimsy and/or large, single, kit-specific pieces. It used to be that the largest single piece you could get was a generic boat hull or ground plate, but now it seems they veer towards one-piece buildings and the like.

    I always enjoyed the freedom of a generic collection of parts. Space, city, medieval, mechanical and other themed kits all eventually dissolved into our bins (“our” being my younger brother and myself) and were used as raw materials for guns, space ships, robots, moon bases, and whatever else happened to be captivating our imaginations at any given time. Seeing the kits with all the large custom pieces released after I stopped buying in my later teenage years was a huge disappointment that definitely contributed to my having never revisited Legos.

    @Xadrian: Blacktron was the coolest thing ever. I had several of the kits but not all of them.

    1. You know, the “too many big blocks” complaint was very valid up until a couple of years ago, but LEGO has done a good job providing lots of smaller, modular bits in their sets these days. (Although admittedly they aren’t nearly as many “bricks” these days as there are “elements.” And this set isn’t the best example!)

  3. I too felt that Lego had been going the way of too many specialized pieces in recent years, but on a whim (and a sale price) I bought this Exo-Force set a while back, and was surprised at just how nice it is. I saw the very same set featured here at the store just last night, and was very tempted to get it.

  4. Oh, also:

    In this set, the red and white “jet pack” section features a gun type grip to hold it by while you fly it, shoots missiles, and detaches from the mech. Pretty cool.

  5. When I was a kid (1990 or so) I remember getting what I believe to be the original exo-force toy… Like a gi-joe in an awesome robot suit! Am I alone on this or does anyone else remember these legacy exo-force toys?

  6. @ Ralphleon
    that was Exo-Squad
    and it had cool toys but a lame show, if I remember correctly. and a horrid video game

  7. Shoji Kawamori, the original mech designer for MACROSS (not rowboatech), is also one of the designers for this series. So you will see some good stuff.

    Also, Shoji comes up with new Valkyrie and mech designs by first building them in Lego’s (he loves them) and then drawing them out.

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