Nokia N95 US-Bound on AT&T


If you're about as interested in cell phones as I am—which is to say, "sort of, when they're doing something novel"—then you might have seen the Nokia N95 burble up from time to time in the last year. Nokia never has just one flagship phone at a time, but the N95 is about the only model they've made in a while that's really gotten people worked up, and with reason: it's got that old Symbian Series 60 OS magic, which, while long in the tooth, is still one of the better smartphone OSes around.

Many people had been importing Euro N95s to use here in the states at the cost of several hundred bucks. (They were also available at a couple of American Nokia stores, I think.) Now it looks like AT&T will be getting the N95, tuned to operate on their 3G network. Add into that the 5-megapixel camera with a nice Zeiss lens, built-in GPS, tons of music support (including support for Bluetooth stereo headphones), Wi-Fi, and even the ability to play old NGage games—some of which were actually okay!—and it's a hell of a phone. And it should be, because it will probably cost you hundreds of bucks, even with an AT&T contract subsidy.

Engadget Mobile played with one and like it. No surprise, since they already were fans of the Euro version, and the American version is slightly improved.

Hands-on with the US Nokia N95 [Engadget Mobile]

Bonus Link: Andrew Orlowski's sadly underappreciated (by my reckoning) history of Psion, the PDA maker whose OS ended up turning into Symbian, the OS that powers Nokia smartphones. [The Register]

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