MADA Caimes Guitar Body Made from Hemp


The MADA Caimes guitar is a semi-acoustic electric guitar made of hemp pulp. Unlike traditional guitar bodies that are carved from a block of solid wood (if you're lucky), the MADA Caimes is formed of a piece from the manufacturer's "Hempstone" materials made entirely of hemp fiber. (It is available in colors other than brown, too.)

Product Page [ via Core77]

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  1. As a life-long guitar player I can appreciate the lines of the guitar; a nice looking design. BUT I question the tonality of using “hemp pulp” for a semi-hollow body– how can one expect decent vibrations from a hollow body essentially made from something similar to pressboard? –Baab Ceegur

  2. We really developed a while.
    (two years) it is made from industrial hemp, so you can get it through customs. And the reason why we use it is because of the “natural”, wood like sound. we have some quite good soundsamples on cheers adam (madaguitars designer and R+D)

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