SLP Survival Knife with Flashlight and Firestarter


I have an irrational affection for survival gear, considering I rarely go camping out of sight of a major road. Still, visions of my self ensconced in trunk of an ancient tree in the boreal forest, nestled peacefully in a bed of leaves while reading my Boy Scout Handbook by the light of a gas lantern are inscribed deeply from hours of pre-teen thumbing through survival gear catalogs. Has man yet created something more clever than a foot-and-a-half Rambo knife with a hollow hilt filled with fish hooks, monofilament, and a single band-aid? No. He has not.

This SLP2 Survival Tool is a worthy challenger, though. A nice little serrated locking blade can be folded inside a titanium handle, which also holds a flashlight, whistle, and fire steel. It's £35 across the pond; Getting one on the North American content might take a little work, but it's nothing a rough-and-tumble surivorman like yourself can't handle.

Catalog Page [ via UberGizmo via Complex]

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