Leatherman Skeletool: Lightest Full-Sized Multi-Tool


My friends at Popular Mechanics got a sneak peak at the upcoming Leatherman Skeletool, a delightfully monikered multi-tool that lives up to its name. Take a look: where all non-essential surfaces, Leatherman has carved out holes in the metal, leaving the Skeletool a light 5 ounces—feather-light enough for even Tim Burton to carry in a moldy silken jacket pocket.

You can even go lighter if you move from the $72 base model to the $96 Skeletool CX, which has carbon fiber handles. (Although I bet the all-metal version looks nicer; there are no carbon fiber pictures yet.)

But the best part fo the curved new Skeletool: The included bottle opener is always accessable, even when the Skeletool is closed.

Leatherman Skeletool: The Lightweight Multi-Tool You'll Actually Use [Popular Mechanics]

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  1. I love my Leatherman. So much so that I’ve never forgotten it in a carry-on. I always transfer it to a check-in, even at the last minute before I head to security. I honestly would be heart broken, it’s amazing how handy a set of pliers and a bottle opener come in handy.

  2. I wrote to them not a year ago about this! I was complaining: I love my Wave, but I hate my pants dropping to my ankles every time I visit the men’s room with it.
    Lust/Christmas list1 Carbon Fiber???? I may want two.

  3. I would love a leatherman micra – the one with the file, pliers, a knife, bottle opener, and screwdrivers — but instead of a knife blade, put in a small pair of scissors (like the Victornix Swiss Army knives). That way, it would be legal to fly with!

  4. Could you not pack the multi-tool in an outside pocket of your checked baggage, then snag it out as soon as you get to your destination?

  5. What do you people have, Rheumatoid Arthritis? I have a leatherman and I never once said to myself “damn, this needs to be lighter”

  6. Try pissing with one on your belt and then tell me that these essential tools couldn’t do with a little weight loss.

  7. I’ve lost a couple to the tsa so I don’t carry mine anymore. just another part of the world-run-by-morons we now live in.

  8. Frankly I prefer the SOG PowerLock
    It’s heavier, but damn, that thing’s got grip. Also the multitools should really drop the knife. Most of them are not properly sharpened anyways, and many of them have lousy locks.

  9. I’ve been carrying a Leatherman Wave for 6+ years and “Don’t Leave Home Without It” whenever possible. As a trade show manager, I find it has just the right tools for me, making it one of the most versatile tools available.

    I had a Leatherman Micra on my key ring, but it was confiscated when I was forgot about it one AM and could not take the time to exit security and mail it to myself.

    Another time, I was returning to the US from Narita airport near Tokyo and totally forgot my beloved Wave was in my carry-on. My heart sank when they brought it to my attention. I was overjoyed when, in Japanese fashion, they apologized they were going to have to take it and then put it into an envelope, telling me it would be at the United baggage office at my final destination. Phew!

    Now, how come Japan can manage this all the way to the US but our own TSA not only takes our stuff but actually sell/auction it and make money off us?

    If the Leatherman Skeletool is as functional as it looks, I think I’ll buy myself the carbon fiber model around December. Actually, I’ll expense it!

  10. The Leatherman Skeletool and Skeletool CX in particular, are proving to be a very popular item being pre-ordered in our store. MySharpKnife ships the Skeletool and almost 5,000 other knives & multi-tools to our troops overseas via APO/FPO addresses. Send a Skeletool to your favorite soldier… “for those who serve”

  11. I’ve been searching for more info and feedback on the Skeletool, and I’m amazed by how in love some folks are with theirs. Like this guy (http://www.leathermanskeletool.com), who practically writes a love letter to it. So, on a more practical note, why should I replace my Swiss Army Knife with one. Any specific reasons?

  12. I have one of these, and I am NOT very impressed.

    1) It’s not that much lighter for the tools you get.
    2) You don’t get much, compared to other multi-tools: Pliers, knife, couple of screwdriver heads, and carabiner / bottle opener.
    3) It’s hard to open, and it’s gotten HARDER to open instead of easier with use.
    4) Screwdriver is difficult to use for all but the simplest jobs.

    1) It’s nice looking.
    2)I like the carabiner. Don’t see them much on multi-tools.
    3) Excellent knife action and design.

    I’ve had many mutli-tools from Leatherman and Gerber over the years (lost, stolen, company-provided), and this is the most disappointing one I’ve ever used.

    I much prefer the Leatherman Juice S2 I bought at about the same time. It’s smaller, feels better, has smoother action, and has more tools (but it’s got a crappy knife).

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