Leatherman Skeletool: Lightest Full-Sized Multi-Tool


My friends at Popular Mechanics got a sneak peak at the upcoming Leatherman Skeletool, a delightfully monikered multi-tool that lives up to its name. Take a look: where all non-essential surfaces, Leatherman has carved out holes in the metal, leaving the Skeletool a light 5 ounces—feather-light enough for even Tim Burton to carry in a moldy silken jacket pocket.

You can even go lighter if you move from the $72 base model to the $96 Skeletool CX, which has carbon fiber handles. (Although I bet the all-metal version looks nicer; there are no carbon fiber pictures yet.)

But the best part fo the curved new Skeletool: The included bottle opener is always accessable, even when the Skeletool is closed.

Leatherman Skeletool: The Lightweight Multi-Tool You'll Actually Use [Popular Mechanics]

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