Husqvarna Auto Mower: Another Lawn Care Robot


The Husqvarna Auto Mower is the latest (nearly) fully automated robotic lawnmower to be literally unleashed into yards across America. It works much like robot mowers of the past: slowly and randomly, casually meandering through your yard making constant, quiet snips, then finding its way back to its charging station when done. It's not smart enough to learn the boundaries of your yard on its own, but instead travels until it reaches a wire that must be buried in, or stapled to, the edges of the yard. A PIN code activation may not prevent the unit from being stolen, but will stop any thieves from using the mower in their own yards.

Husqvarna claims the mower will cost between $15 to $25 a year to operate, which is good, as the price is probably in the $1k to $3k range, if the prices of competing mowers are anything to go by.

Product Page [ via Gadget Lab via Uncrate]

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  1. Did I miss something? The Husqvarna Auto Mower has been out for as long as (or longer than) the Robomower. It hit the market around 2000. The higher price has kept it less common than the competition, but it’s a nice unit that weighs very little. I wish I had a small enough yard to depend on one.

    1. *I* may be missing something, but I was under the impression that this was a new model. If it’s not, well, sheesh. It did seem vaguely familiar, but so does, you know, almost everything. But that wouldn’t explain why I couldn’t find any prices for it.

  2. So … not to be gross or anything, but how do robotic mowers deal with dog poop? How about fallen fruit? Surely these are marketed at the lazy of us – and picking up gross tree apples and dog apples aren’t chores for the truely lazy.

  3. From what I’ve seen – as I’ve been eyeing them from afar since I first heard about them 6-8 years ago – this is the third generation Husqvarna lawnbot.

    So it is a new design for a product that’s been too pricey to catch on as well as it should.

  4. been using two of these in Ireland for three years now, haven’t needed the ride on mower at all. in todays money 2k US

  5. I’m sorry, Joel, I wasn’t picking on you, I was actually confused. 🙂

    The Auto Mower isn’t new, but they do make it difficult to find pricing. I think it’s sold under a few different brands .. Ahh yes, Electrolux.

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