Oldsters Help Propel Wii to Number 1


Although stories about senior citizens playing the Nintendo Wii are hardly new, these latest ones from a short piece in The Sun are painfully charming. Watching old folks playing Wii remains one of the most amazing bits of free marketing Nintendo ever devised.

It's working, too: 1UP passes on an FT story that claims that Nintendo, for the first time in 17 years, has taken the worldwide lead in sales of a videogame console.

(This is the place I'd normally complain about the lack of titles for the Wii, but since I've been playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and finding it first rate, besides a few annoying boss battles, I will shut up about the lack of titles until sometime after Super Mario Galaxy is released.)

OAPs say nurse, I need a Wii [TheSun.co.uk]

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  1. Mario Strikers is like soccer on acid. My son got it for me for my birthday and of course is instantly much better than me, but the sheer goofiness makes me play it even knowing I’m going to get shelled.

  2. I totally need to get off my ass and get Prime 3. Everything I have for the Wii so far is a port (Resident Evil 4 (excellent), The Godfather (damn fine), Metal Slug Anthology (fantastic games, meh presentation), and Virtual Console games.) My backlog is so huge, though, that I find it hard to justify buying another $50 game right now (instead I end up buying 5 discounted GBA/DS games.)

    Plus there’s a bit of a glut later in the year with Mario, Smash Bros., and Phantom Hourglass. Not to mention other things I’ve had my eye on, and third party stuff.

    Oh, old people playing Wii. Yes, I guess they do that. Wii Sports Bowling is still fun. Are they playing anything else? I guess since Nintendo profits on every piece of hardware (that’s a masterstroke) and gets all this free press they aren’t really concerned about attach rates as far as those over 65-70 are concerned.

  3. Don’t forget the possible Spore release for Wii. That will be top-notch and totally beat out the PS3/X360 ports.

  4. I bought a Wii for my parents (who are in their 80’s) about 6 weeks ago, and it’s a HUGE hit. They love the bowling, as do their friends, and play regularly. Furthermore, my father, who has had very bad bursitis in his shoulder for years, is seeing improvement in his shoulder — his physiotherapist asked what type of exercise that he was doing, and told him to keep it up. Now if we can just figure out how to have it covered under the government health insurance plan…

  5. My Middle Age Parents and I gather together every Friday to play wii sports or other games. My mom suffers from arthritis, so playing tennis “virtually” helps her to calm her pain in someway. My dad and I play MK Armageddon, he beats me 🙁 I know, I’m only 28 and I suck! But the fun and sharing time with my folks are priceless. I hope someday, my boy will play with my folks when he gets older.

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