Watches Made from Meteorite


Watchismo has assembled a collection of some of the most exclusive watches in the world, those crafted from meteorite metal. As gaudy and flagrantly tacky as they are, I have to admit that if I were going to drop several hundred thousand dollars on a watch, there's nothing that would imply I am more like a god than my fellow man than keeping a little bauble from heaven on my wrist. I tried to tell people my calculator watch channeled the spirit of the tinker deity "Casious," but nobody bought it.

The Time that fell to Earth - Meteorite Watches []

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  1. But wouldn’t you risk mutation, blood coagulation, and certain death by wearing it?! Maybe even zombification?

  2. Anyone who can afford these is probably part of an undead coterie of eternals, anyway, so those are probably bullet points in the brochure.

  3. What’s a little collateral radition, mutation, or zombification in exchange for such a cool watch?

    If Star Trek had done an episode about this, I daresay Kirk would’ve talked it into self-destruction before the evil rays could get too many red shirts.

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