Bush Skipping Climate Change Summit...Mostly

From the AFP:

WHILE dozens of world leaders have gathered at the United Nations for talks on how to fight global warming, US President George Bush is skipping all events except for a final dinner.

His focus is on his own gathering of leaders in Washington this week, a meeting with the same stated goal -- a reduction in the emissions blamed for climate change -- but a fundamentally different idea of how to achieve it.

Mr Bush's aides say the parallel meeting does not compete with the UN process. They say Mr Bush hopes to persuade the nations that produce 90 per cent of the world's emissions to come to a consensus that would allow each, including the US, to set its own policy rather than having limits imposed by an international treaty.

Condoleezza Rice is here for the U.S.A., but Bush's unwillingness to actually participate in the meetings—and holding his own set of meetings—is being regarded by most here as an upturned finger to U.N. authority.

The United States chose not to accept the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.

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