James Randi Calls Out Audiophile: I'm Sure the Crickets Will Sound Fantastic


Nothing amuses me more than a dust-up with an audiophile. (I still haven't mustered the gumption to ask MSNBC columnist Gary Krakow to give me a nugget of the stash he was sampling when he suggested the original Playstation is a world-class CD player after you leave it on for three days to warm up.) Now famed bullshit caller James Randi has put the screws to "Positive Feedback Online" editor Dave Clark, who claimed the "Anjou" cables from Pear Cable—just $7,250 for 12-feet!—are "very danceable."

Randi has offered his now-mythical Million-Dollar Prize to anyone can prove the Anjou are any better than wires from Monster Cable, a company that also spews plenty of audiophilic marking dreck to hawk its cables, but at least sells products at a modest ten- or twenty-times mark up, instead of Pear's hundreds.

More Cable Nonsense [Randi.org via Gizmodo]

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