Sharp's Scanning, Multi-Touch LCD Display


Engadget got a chance to play with the very cool new Sharp LCD displays which are capable of using each of the pixels as an optical scanner, enabling both multi-touch capabilities and the ability to scan in paper that is placed flat on the screen, like business cards. While it's not the most transformative thing in the world, I'd love to be able to scan in receipts or paragraphs from books or magazine articles from my phone.

Sharp shows off multi-touch optical scanning portable LCD [Engadget]

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3 Responses to Sharp's Scanning, Multi-Touch LCD Display

  1. dculberson says:

    One step closer to Blipverts!

  2. eain says:

    Oh my god. I immediately thought of the old tech support story/joke about the person who called up because she couldn’t fax from her computer, and it turned out that she was holding the paper up to the monitor and couldn’t figure out why the monitor wasn’t seeing it…

  3. Shannon Clark says:

    Not to mention being the bane of security services everywhere and the next must have gadget for tv spies (and movie heroes) everywhere…

    Sure the “use your cameraphone as a scanner” thing has been done for a while now – but I suspect these types of devices will, if they work as promised, give you a much easier to OCR result – i.e. place business card on phone – flip to other side, discard and repeat…

    I know I’m looking forward to it… (hopefully they can make these large enough for next gen tablets as well…?

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