1955 Huffy Radio Bike


Image: kayakbiker

First released in 1955, the Huffy Radio Bike featured a real, working AM radio inside its body, powered by batteries held in a rear rack carrier, with signals received by an antenna wired inside the frame.

From a contemporary ad in Boys Life: "Not a toy. Powerful radio has lock, sensitive tuner, volume control, clear-tone speaker. The bike's a beauty; streamlined design, gearshift, new easy-pedal tires."

Huffy later made strap-on plastic models for other bike models, but they just aren't the same.

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  1. Wow. What a lucky kid!

    Imagine pedaling down to the pond for some fishing while you listen to Fibber McGee and Molly or a Baseball game? -or SUPERMAN???

    Gosh, it’s like living on the future or somethin’.

    Great stuff, BBG.
    (If I may call you that.)

  2. this is one retro gadget I would have loved to have today… well, maybe with FM radio installed as well…

  3. Lovely design. Should be modded so it’s powered by rechargeable batteries that are charged by pedaling, and the handlebars could do with a mount for a small audio player, with a mini jack that connects to the speakers. Hmm, and maybe a USB plug through which you can recharge your audio player as well.

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