Flash-Based Camcorders with Line-In?

I'm in the market for a camcorder for various projects—my bulldog isn't getting any younger—and while I have no inherent distaste for miniDV, I was hoping to move to something flash-based. (It's hard to argue with 8GB of SDHC for sixty bucks and I've got a NAS for long-term storage.)

The two models I'd be looking most closely at are the Canon Powershot TX1 and the Sanyo E1, the former because I liked the idea of having a nice still photo point-and-shoot camera in my pocket and the latter because it was water resistant. (I am a scuba dilettante, although the E1 is only rated to five feet.)

Unfortunately, neither has a dedicated line-in for an external microphone. That's not that important for the dog (though he does have a lovely snore), but if I were to use it to record an interview or something in the future, I'd like to be able to use a real microphone and save the audio with the video, instead of using a separate audio rig and mixing it together after the fact.

I've looked through a lot of the high-end flash-based camcorder specs and it just doesn't look like line-in is something that's offered. Even the upcoming 1080i-capable Sanyo VPC-HD1000 doesn't say it has a line-in, even though it inexplicably has a headphone out and a "microphone adapter cable" is a listed in-box accessory. It's confusing!

Should I just give up and get a cheap miniDV camera and a shotgun mic and call it a day or is there some amazing product out there that's slipped me by?

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