Rhapsody Music Service Coming to TiVo Boxes (Probably)

Bits, the New York Times tech blog, is reporting that TiVo will be announcing a partnership with RealNetworks tonight, brining the all-you-can-eat Rhapsody music service to TiVo set-top boxes. There is a TiVo party tonight in New York; I guess the Times' Brad Stone didn't plan on going.

I keep thinking I want a TiVo HD, then remember that I'd have already cancelled my cable TV service if Time Warner didn't make you lug your DVR all the way back to their depot. I've been lazy. Sounds like this sort of service is good for existing TiVo subscribers, but may not be enough to lure back wayward customers on its own. Stone gives himself as example:

I'm a former TiVo subscriber. But content deals like the partnership with RealNetworks are not likely to lure me back to the TiVo fold. To enjoy the fruits of TiVo's deals with Real and Amazon, I'd have to buy a new TiVo box, string a DSL cable through two rooms to my TV set and get Comcast to give me a cable card, which would allow the TiVo to get cable service. Then I'd be paying an extra $8 a month for TiVo along with my already exorbitant monthly cable bill.

Is TiVo's Comeback the Real Deal? [Bits.Blogs.NYTimes.com]

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  1. Uh, he already pays $12-15/mo for a DVR through his cable company if he has one. I’m not quite sure how a TivoHD and a monthly fee of under $10 is not competitive.

    Plus, they have wireless options for tivo, its not like he *has* to pull a dsl line. Cripes.

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