Binibottle: Teen Invents Easy-Fill Water Bottle


Here's a simple idea that I wouldn't be surprised to see in new water bottle designs soon: A bottle with a second filler cap on the side to make it easier to fill in shallow sinks. (Or in my case, a sink still brimming with dirty dishes.) The "Binibottle" was created as part of a inventor's contest.

From Oh Gizmo:

And believe it or not this simple but extremely helpful innovation was created by 15 year old Anna Axelsson. She designed the bottle for the Finnupp inventor's contest and ended up winning the gold medal. The bottle can apparently be found in Swedish sporting good stores for around $5 and it's safe to assume Anna won't have any trouble paying for college when the time comes.

Product Page (Finnish?) [ via Oh Gizmo]

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