LapTop Pro Keyboard and Screen Cleaning Tool


I've no idea how well this "LapTop Pro" dual keyboard and screen cleaner tool might actually work, but since I wage a weekly war on the cruft and gunk that gets on my keyboard—mostly skin oils, which is gross, I know, but that's just the way it is—I have a soft spot for anything that aims to make my typing life easier. A wet wipe on the keys does a pretty good job on its own, even on the screen. (It's probably leaving some residue on the screen, but I try to buy the ones that don't have lotion, since I also use them on my bulldog's face flaps, which are much more gross than any keyboard, let me assure you.)

Actually, $20—the price of the "LapTop Pro"—would buy a lot of wet wipes. I've just talked myself out of this. Carry on!

Anybody have any good cleaning keyboard and screen tips? I try to avoid all the "cleaning solutions." I did a short blip for Popular Mechanics a few months ago about screen cleaning solutions for LCD panels and talked to some manufacturers. Turns out that stuff is almost exclusively just isopropyl alcohol diluted into water, about 2.5-5% to 95%.

Catalog Page [ via Red Ferret]

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